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Taking beautiful pictures is one thing. Taking beautiful pictures that have the potential to make a lot of money is a whole other story.

Or as our Kimberly Chan would say: "There is a fine line between being awesome and being awesome enough to get paid big bucks!"

Great photographers do not mind getting paid the big bucks - hence them practicing the art of photography every single day.

A lot of people are addicted to their mobile devices and can not go anywhere without them. This is not the case for picture-taking people. For them it is the camera. They will not go anywhere without their cameras.

When it comes to taking excellent pictures, a lot has to do with being at the right place at the right time with the camera. Hence the saying: "Better to be prepared for when opportunity strikes and it never strikes then for it to strike twice and you not being prepared for it."

One of the main reasons photographers need to practice every day is to stand a fair chance at winning photo contests. They tend to give photographers exposure they would not get otherwise. If nothing else, it gives them bragging rights. Who would not want to hire a photographer that won awards?

Lastly, as much as they hate it, photographers have to get pretty good at graphic design work. As in, in this day and age, it is critical they master their photo editing skills. This quite often - according to free ecover maker Konrad Braun - makes the difference between a good picture and a great picture. In other words, this could be the difference of making a lot of money taking pictures versus making very little or none at all.

There you have it. My tips to making it as a photographer in 2015.

Here is to your ultimate success,

Robert Stolz
Rob Stolz
CEO & Founder

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