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If you are looking for pictures of babes or hot female models, this site is no longer it - thanks to ecover designer boy Konrad Braun - who suggested that half of the pictures weren't appropriate.

Long story short, we ended up taking all of the pictures down (for now) just to figure out exactly what it is we want to do with this site and how we want to proceed. All suggestions are welcomed!

One regular user (George) suggested we do a complete redesign and turn it more into a content blog (rather than the old forum we used to have) and I myself agreed with it. Hence the site being under construction: we're undertaking a massive redesign. Thanks George ;)

We are all creatures of habit - I understand. We do not want good things to change. What if it turns out worse than what it was? I can't promise much, but will say this: We will not launch anything new until we have figured out something better!

Lastly, give us your feedback on the new blog. Love it? Hate it? We want to hear from you!

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